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Monday, 13 September 2010

Kanye VMA pre-show Exclusive!

Following the MTV VMA 2010 pre-show, a special preview trailer of Kanye's project movie or next video called 'Runawaywas premiered.

The video starts with the view of a road surrounded by trees, then a shot of a few deer followed by a dancer in black then moves on to a feathered woman. the next shot see Kanye holding 'maybe' the feathered woman with an explosion behind him, a title then reads 'Runaway'

Kanye has been previously tweeting about a movie project. "on set of the movie. This doe just refuses to sit still. ... I told the deer ... 'what would Bambi do?' & she looked at me like I was crazy." This is a strong reference to the video with the deer featured in the clip.

He also wrote, "We've shot some good stuff so far ... really good ... NO! I mean REALLY GOOD!
"Just wrapped for the day," and later continued with "Been shooting 16 hour days. ... I'm so excited. ... It's like a child's delusions become reality!"

it was also confirmed that 'Runaway' would be be song kanye would close the MTV VMA's with.

check out the clip below!

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