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Saturday, 11 September 2010

Vogue's FNO - London ft. Stacey (Lol)

Vogue's FASHION NIGHT OUT was truly amazing... and i wasn't even meant to go but ended up doing so! It started off by meeting my fellow fashion friend STACEY outside GAP next to SELFIES (Selfridges for short). The reason for this was because JANELLE MONAE was there! yes! at GAP! She performed a 30min set and deffo wowed the crowd *Applauds* After that we hit New Bond St./Mayfair...Ques were everywhere but we poked our heads into the not-so packed stores during our stops we spotted a friend... JOEL DASH (1st pic) looking gangsta in all-black. next we spotted the Burberry Model GEORGE CRAIG wearing Burberry A/W10 *sigh* passed by Chanel, THEN saw some paps running round a corner so we did the same (Naturally) and GWYNETH PALTROW stepped out the back door with STELLA McCARTNEY (4th pic). *Pause*... *Continue* After that we headed back to Oxford st, and we spotted these two ladies whom looked like they just stepped out of an ad campaign. Lady on the left looked real CUTE with what seemed to be a vintage jacket and some clogs *Thumbs up* and her friend (Hottie) sported a string dress on top of a nude leotard and Topshop Aggy Ankle Boots :D they had to be photographed! After that encounter Stace felt inspired so we took a trip to (SHOP CANNOT BE NAMED LOL) and i chose the above LBD for her, and its a MUST-HAVE! Finally we met a friend called Meryl just as we were leaving the store and she handed us some wristbands which granted us FREE entry to MOVIDA waheeey! So we headed over, got given another wristband for free drinks and enjoyed the rest of the night!... The End

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  1. Ahh, awesome post! Amazing about Gwyneth and Stella! And haha, you're way too cool about my haphazard self.

    Also, would it be possible for me to use the picture you took of me and my friend and credit your blog accordingly? No worries if not, of course.