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Monday, 28 June 2010

Luda! Dj Khaled! Aaaaand everyone else! BET AWARDS 2010

All i do is WIN WIN WIN no matter what! Ludacris set the pace with his banger 'MY CHICK BAD' ft. Nicki Minaj, she looked kinda mad by the way loool although i do love it when she does that lil whine on the chair :P. But yeah, once again she mimed -___- (i really dont know whyy) and after her verse she disappeared for a hot sec only to join LUDA, DJ KHALED, BUSTA, RICK ROSS AND EVERYONE ELSE for the Mad collaboration and last performance of the night 'ALL I DO IS WIN' Remix
P.s. I dont think Nicki's wig is on properly :/

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