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Saturday, 31 July 2010

New Michael Jackson Album Due This November

Moment of silence please everyone ...... just dont say anything but admire this picture and Michael Jackson himself.

Yes you read it right in the title, a new album is being released this November. A rep for the King of Pop’s estate has revealed that the record features 10 previously unreleased tracks will be made available as part of a 7-year deal via  Sony Music worth over $250 million.  Now as much as the whole damn world wants to hear new material from Mr Jackson, I sense that if he wanted the songs to be released then he would brought it out longggggggggggg time ago. This is pissing me off now. Its just another opportunity for the major companies to profit off a man who they didn't give a donkeys about or paid little interest in his life. Now am I the only person who remember's MJ's bitter feud with Sony Music and Mottola just a few years back?

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