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Monday, 31 May 2010

Fox Drop!

Megan Megan Megan! The hottie from the Transformers movies has been DROPPED from Transformers 3.
After comparing her director 'Michael Bay' to Hitler and describing him as a 'Nightmare to work for' its quite understandable that she will no longer be participating in the 3rd instalment and rightly so! WHY ON EARTH would you blast your director after all, he made YOU famous!
Anyway Paramout try say that Shia Le Beouf's character shouldn't be tied down by a love interest or some BULLSHIT like that lol so i guess that means he'll be making love to the machines and not the women (BOOOO!) lol.
However, British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (i know what a name eh!) is tipped to replace Megan fox as the sort of pin-up girl of Transformers, The NEW sex symbol, but nothings confirmed... i think.
Either way guys i wanna know your thoughts, who do we prefer Rosie or Megan?

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