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Thursday, 2 September 2010

NEWS: Rihanna Updates

FIRST... RIHANNA reveals NEW HAIR-DO again... I love the way she keeps changing her barnet, this lady is the master of reinvention (looks-wise) but im getting a KATY PERRY-vibe with the new longer locks but we'll see. Also in the pic you see Rihannas MADAME TUSSAUDS waxwork which pretty much is a perfect copy except for the SLIGHTLY exaggerated boobs but im not complaining.

SECOND... Riri on the set of the movie BATTLESHIP, this is Rihannas first MOVIE ROLE (as far as im aware of :/) and it'll be interesting to see how she delivers, judging on her characters look... seems like shes gonna be a serious character :D

THIRD... Rihanna has a single coming out on SEPT 14TH called 'ONLY GIRL' i hear its gonna be a dance track so im excited for this and HOPE she does a video (might explain the change in hairstyle).
That is all.

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