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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Apple's New Generation Of Toys .....

Steve Jobs is the entertainment console provider, hands down!  Announced today is the release of 3 new generation of iPod products that just keep getting better and better each year. Your iPod music favourites from the Touch to the Nano and the Shuffle, have all gotten upgrades.

iPod Touch: now has the features of the iPhone 4 ( which we previously posted ) , including Retina Display, FaceTime and HD recording. 

iPod Nano: has now gone even SMALLER! and also features a multi-touch screen.

iPod Shuffle: has finally fixed the problem of users not being able to identify what songs they are listening to with VoiceOver technology. The new feature will not only announce your tune, but it will also tell you how much battery you have left. 

All available now over at Apple.

Check Out further images below: 

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