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Thursday, 26 August 2010


The 'Retro Super Future' team and 'Highsnobiety' have teamed up again for a second time. This concept is all to celebrate the Swiss company’s 5th birthday

For this collaboration 'Super' have selected their cutting-edge yet timeless 'Andrea' model

'Like all of the Super models, this product is of the finest Italian craftsmanship, featuring the highest quality leather, finest acetate, all shaped and molded by hand in Italy with Zeiss lenses.
The case has also been customized for this special project,  black with a retrò inspired shape, maintaining a classic design and customized with the Highsnobiety logo that gives that extra touch.'

 When comparing it to the original 'SUPER and HIGHSNOBIETY' collaboration, this 'Andrea' model beats out the 'Cicco' model all the way.

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