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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

McDs vs. Subway!

Couple days ago (SUNDAY), I (Terence) chose to stroll into MCDONALDS and purchase one of their 'DELI OF THE DAY' Sandwiches (AKA their version of a Subway Sub Of The Day), I thought hey! same price lets see what they have to offer.
Hmmmm MISTAKE! why?!
1. Took forever to make/prepare I was waiting for aaages 2. The wrapping was like they wanted to conceal something toxic! I felt like I was playing 'Pass-the-Parcel' by myself! 3. The sandwich was just messy! Salad & Mayo were all over the gaff! Now onto the taste... Sundays 'D.O.T.D' was Chicken and Bacon (Hmmm sounds nice I hear you say) Welllll it was aiiite! Bit dry to begin with but once you get into it, it does the job. They put waaay to much mayo inside (which caused the most mess) and i feel that more Bacon was needed to even out the chicken I DO WANNA TASTE BOTH Y'KNOW!All in All i PREFER A SUBWAY SUB OF THE DAY! Dont care what you say... at least you can see the staff make your sandwich and you have the priviledge of saying "a bit more please" or "that's enough thanks"
Maybe it was just that ONE time... Since i've only had it once, We'll see but for now

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