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Friday, 9 July 2010


Remember MAROON 5! Well they're back with a fun summer single titled 'Misery'The video sees ADAM LEVINE (Lead singer) of Maroon 5 and his girlfriend (in the video) played by model Anne Vyalitsyna looking all Grease-like engaging in a VERY ABUSIVE relationship. Think Chris Brown & Rihanna - Roles Reversed - No Blood or Pain.
Its quite comcical (and a tiiiny bit kinky, its kinda dominatrix-like but to the extreme.. ok lemme stop!) as he continues to sing even when being punched, slapped, slammed, hit by a car etc. LOL I know some of you chicks are gonna think WOOO! GIRL POWER!... NO! -__-Anyways! this is the first single of their new album...
'HANDS ALL OVER' Out on September 21st:)

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