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Saturday, 17 July 2010

Chris Browns Comeback has begun!

In the last week, Chris Brown has TWITPIC'd these photos. To me, they look like some sorta fashion shoot :/ and im not sure but that 1ST Photo REALLY looks like London. Either way he looks gangsta and this is coming from a Rihanna Lover LOL im sure ALL will be revealed soon.
In related news...

The trailer for Chris Brown's 12 Strands (Matrix) - (a song that didnt make the cut for the GRAFFITI Album) video was released a few days ago... (Yeah we're a bit late -__-) This isnt a MOVIE peoples, its a music video but one of them long ones i.e. Lady Gaga - Telephone. Although it looks pretty sick! The fact he's fighting will be a bit controversial, you KNOW people are gonna talk about what happened. However its a smart move as that will generate hype/interest/ a buzz.
12 Strands (Matrix) COMING SOON!

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