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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The Saturdays - Missing You PREVIEW!

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday. Friday, SATURDAY... Yeah The Saturdays have a new song coming out called 'MISSING YOU'. Them girls are ALL HOTTIES! My faves out of the five though are Frankie & Rochelle... Unfortunately they BOTH have boyfriends -__- So y'know whatevs!
Anywho when i saw this teaser i couldnt help but think of a certain Danity Kane image...
What you lot think? Im not saying they're copying or anything but thats just what springs to mind when i see the teaser clip. :/ Meh!


  1. I see what you mean but... The Saturday's are too British.. Danity Kane were somethin' else! Lol

  2. yeah thats true... i mean a pebble beach? really?! Lol