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Friday, 18 June 2010

Round 1.... FIGHT!

Oi oiiii a Tekken Movie? YEP! no word on a release date but its about BLOODY TIME! i just hope its not a flop even worse a piss-take of the game cos its not easy making a worlwide succesful game into a 2 hour or so film! Theres SOOOOOOO much to cover, storylines, sub-storylines etc etc. And lets PRAY the characters are reminiscent of the game too (they seem to be so far...ish) Lol.
Let's HOPE its not a flop like Dead Or Alive was (p.s. i reaaaaaaaaaaaaally liked that game kmt)

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  1. Maybe it's cause I'm Asian but.. I LOVE TEKKEN!!! Sheeeeeiit. But two hours for a film like this?? Reallyyy? O_o