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Monday, 28 June 2010

Kanye West - Power (BET Awards 2010)

Kanye West is Back... but at what cost?  Kanye opened the 10th BET award show last night with his new single 'Power', Standing on top of a volcano in a red suit with smoke erupting behind him... 
..i can see a lot of people looking into this performance and all having different views. 

After his last appearance at an award show, Kanye wasn't the most popular guy in the world... but lets be honest he was only saying what everyone was thinking!... how can Beyonce get 'video of the year', but not the female one? ...anyway! i wont go into that, some people said his ego went to far, he needs to reflect on himself....
.....well it would seem that standing on top of a volcano talking about power, hasn't affected him in anyway shape or form! #TeamKanye!

look out for Kanye's album 'Good Ass Job' arriving in September.

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