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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Im Still #TeamPS3

Sooooooo XBOX are coming out with yet ANOTHER upgraded version of the console  *Yaaaawn*... This one will be called 'XBOX 360 250GB' "Oooooooooooh"
Whats New???
-The amped up hard drive now boasts 250GB so you can download your life away.
-It apparently is gonna be alot quieter than the previous consoles.
-Its so blantantly tryna look like the BEST CONSOLE aka The PS3 lol with its new sleek glossy black look.
-And it has wi-fi so you can connect to the internet and be wire-free (¬_¬)
The End... PS3 IS STILL BETTER ┌П┐ (-_-)┌П┐

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