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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Green Hornet Trailer!

The Green Hornet started as radio program in the 1930's, which was then brought to our screens between 1966-67 which starred Van Williams as the 'Green Hornet/Britt Reid', and the late great Bruce Lee as 'Kato' the trusty side-kick.

set to be released early 2011 the, 'The Green Hornet' makes a return... but to the big screen, starring 'Super Bad' and 'Knocked Up's Seth Rogen as the masked crime-fighter 'The Green Hornet' and by his side 'Kato', portrayed by Taiwanese musician and actor Jay Chou.

Directed by Michel Gondry, the action blockbuster is looking to be up there with Marvel's 'Spiderman', 'X-men' and DC's Dark Night(Batman).

Enjoy the trailer!

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