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Saturday, 15 May 2010

That Rihanna Reign Just Wont Let Up!

10th May 2010... Rihanna... The 02 London... Epic!...
The Queen Rihanna came to London as part of her European Tour and shut the place down! daaaamn! After 6 hours of waiting around and camping in the que the show began at around 7pm with Tinchy Stryder kicking it off performing only 3 songs but he got the crowd hyped and everyone loved him. Next was Pixie Lott and to be honest ive never really payed attention to her but that night she gave me a reason to! As well as being a bit of a hottie the girl can blow! (sing) however she did drag on her set a bit performing about 10 songs or maybe more... But yeah! Then it was RiRi's turn wooooo!!! She performed a 22 song-set belting out hits such as: Rudeboy, Hard, Rehab, Shut Up & Drive etc etc and she sounded perfect! Ahhh man words cannot express the joy and excitement that i felt whilst she was there in front of me. Ok Ok let me shut up now guys but before i end this...


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