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Monday, 31 May 2010

Beyonce Go Away!... Just for a year or so!

Above are TWO alternative videos for old RnB hit 'Me,Myself & I' and then recent sad song 'Halo'... Why they have just surfaced now is beyond me but to me there's two ways of looking at this.
1) Beyonce is trying to stay relevant and still push sales for her Sasha fierce album -_-
2) She's a hard working lady and wants to give to her fans all the time :)

Im taking view No.1 Dear Beyonce, TAKE A BREAK!!! jeeez man... has she not ever heard of overexposure?! is she gonna bombard us with alternative videos for EVERYTHING! (God Forbid) not to mention the video with Alicia Keys is still yet to come out *siiiiiiiiiiiiiigh* Dear Jay-z, Go and get your wife pregnant otherwise her song about Ego will be invalid. #thatisall

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